Market Haul, Spring Finishes and a Fun Contest

I thought that once I retired I'd quickly catch on to this blogging template, but it's taken a little longer than anticipated. But here I am finally and hopefully this will be an ongoing feature. Going forward I will do a better job of capturing the names of the patterns and designers we show during our videos, but for now I wanted to mention that we had our inaugural Zoom meeting with ten viewers and we loved the opportunity to get to know a few of you and have had positive feedback from the viewers who took part.  So we are planning to do this again on April 23.  If you'd like to have a chance to join our next Zoom meeting please jump on to our current video and comment "Zoom" to be entered.  We also have other fun things that you might want to have an opportunity to win.

A return to blogging

After many starts and stops I am finally launching the website! Please be patient with me as I work out any bugs, which I know there are. I am not a professional web designer or even an amateur one; just an ordinary person trying to maneuver through the bewildering maze of sophisticated (but free!) web design templates and try to develop one that will be helpful to those of you interested in attending cross stitch retreats so you can learn about what's coming up and how you can register to attend.

And while I'm at it I am planning to list info shared on our Flosstube videos about our current projects and links to designers, other Flosstube channels etc.